Scripture in Schools (SRE)

Scripture is available in the following Primary Schools: Bateman’s Bay Public School, Sunshine Bay Public School, and Mogo Public School. SRE is also available in Batemans Bay High School. Scripture in public schools is called Special Religious Education or SRE.
Your child can participate in SRE at their school by either:
– Choosing SRE on your child’s original enrolment form, either online or on paper if requested to the school OR
– Writing a ‘one line’ request to the school that your child is to attend SRE

Cassia Walton co-ordinates Primary School SRE in the Batemans Bay area.

Cameron Condon teaches in the Bay High School.

Christian Special Religious Education (SRE) encourages students to question, explore and discover the basics of the Christian faith based on the Bible.

SRE is conducted under the umbrella of Generate Ministries and Scripture Union Australia.

 Trained scripture teachers teach from a set curriculum which has a three year cycle and is age appropriate.   The curriculum for Primary Schools is called GodSpace and is produced by Burst Christian Resources. God Space Web Site

Your child will be taught about biblical principles, with applications to everyday life, which includes caring for the world, coping with tough times, finding joy in life, choosing good role models, as well as Christian themes such as Christmas and Easter. It could be called `skills for life’ and these principles have been taught for thousands of years and survived the test of time.

For further information on SRE contact our Scripture Coordinator Cassia on 0412 878 772  or BBECET Chairman John Hoggan on 0417801566