KYB Bible Study

  • A daily devotional pattern is established for each person and all are nurtured by God’s word.
  • Discussion Leaders are trained and equipped for further service for God.
  • KYB Leaders are stimulated to study and become effective teachers of the Word.

KYB uses a question and answer learning method, reinforced by group discussion, summaries and review notes. We produce four KYB study books  each year, one for each term. Study Books for terms 1, 2 and 3 have nine units, and Study Book for Term 4 has five units. Each unit is broken down into daily Bible readings with questions to answer, which are completed during the week before the meeting.

Local contact Phone Leslie on 02 4472 7058. When the KYB group meets, the Leader introduces the unit. The members then divide into discussion groups to share and discuss their answers to the questions. This is followed by the Leader giving a summary of the study. The members then read the review notes at home. 

Community Life Batemans Bay Inc

With mutual commitment and respect, we work alongside people to support their recovery and wellbeing as independent contributors in society by creating links and pathways to other agencies and resources in the community to establish residential stability, work, educational opportunities, and meaningful leisure pursuits.

Community Life Batemans Bay Inc. is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2006 by the Anglican Church. Our primary purpose is to work towards the relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability, and hopelessness within the community of Batemans Bay, NSW.
We deliver free social, welfare, and life skills educational programs that address homelessness, addictions, social isolation and promote positive life outcomes.  
We work alongside people on their journey to recovery and well-being by creating links and pathways to other agencies and resources in the community to provide additional care and support.
Major Initiatives include

  • Hope House – Shelter for men
  • Hope Fellowship – Christian weekly support group for those in our community seeking fellowship and a safe place to share life.
  • Grief Groups – For those experiencing loss
  • D&A counseling
  • Anger Management
  • SMART Recovery a program that helps people to help each other to manage addictive behaviors for the improvement of the health and social well-being of the community.


SRE Teachers are trained and equipped to teach classes and run seminars for students whose parents or caregivers are happy for them to be involved. Our SRE seeks to give every student the opportunity to understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ – the single most influential person in history as they develop their own commitments and worldview for life.


SOMA Australia – Past, Present and Future

  • Who are SOMA?
  • What do SOMA do?
  • Where does SOMA Australia fit?

Find out about our mission goals, our focus, and future endeavours.
Going … making disciples … baptising … teaching

Here you can read all about us, from the first prophetic word given in 1978, through previous missions, to the current SOMA Australia Committee.


The aim of the Anglican Renewal Network Australia (ARNA) is to raise up a fresh network of Anglicans who are interested in the pursuit of a charismatic spirit empowered ministry for the sake of the Kingdom.

The Parish of Batemans Bay is a member and active supporter of ARNA. This is a 2020 initiative, coordinated initially by SOMA Australia, to connected Anglicans with a heart to share with a Kingdom focus on the salvation of souls and transforming lives. This we know can only be brought about through the grace of God – God’s empowering presence – by his Holy Spirit.

ARNA seeks to build on a rich heritage of the Anglican Renewal Movement in Australia which coordinated an effective ministry of encouragement and equipping for clergy and laypeople in the ministry of the Holy Spirit some decades ago. 

Individuals or parishes may obtain more information or join the ARNA network by clicking here to email ARNA: Shalom.